Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mastitis: Round Two?

Let me set the scene:

Harper and I had a great night. She slept two longer stretches and I woke up feeling rested. Sam, no longer afraid of the bath, was bathed and dressed and out the door with Russ to run errands. I fed Harper, bathed her and had her in a new onesie all ready to meet my good friend Amy from high school this afternoon. She fell asleep and I decided to head out back to get a little sun on my legs. As I was sitting out back I got a bit of a chill- weird because it was heading close to 90 degress. Thirty minutes later I had the chills, headache and was back to being sick again. My temperature shot up to 102.8.

Wow, I feel sick.


Amanda said...

Ugh, sorry friend. I just licked that beast.

Stella and Thomas said...

Sick and still blogging. You are amazing!!