Wednesday, May 7, 2008

3 am Blogging

How can I be so tired- but unable to sleep? I have the answers:

1. Reflux- I basically had crackers and water for dinner, was sleeping sitting up with 4 pillows, had the max allowable TUMS before bed with no relief.

2. Lower back pain- only at night now do I have some bad back pain that makes me feel like I am 80 years old. No, at least 90 years old. I work with the elderly and I know what 90 looks like. That is what I look like on my way to the bathroom(see number 3 below)

3. Trips to the bathroom- If I stop drinking water at 8 pm- how is it possible I have to go to the bathroom at 12 am and every hour after that? Where is this coming from?

4. Hot flashes- I am apparently unable to regulate my own body temperature anymore and wake up covered in sweat.

5. Small space- Our queen sized bed has become so small. If I don't have Russ' elbow in my back it is his knee. Oh wait- maybe it is because I am taking up so much room!

6. Excitement- When I wake up for any of the above reasons I start to think. I think about meeting our new family member- what will you look like? are you a boy or a girl? will you look like Sam? how can I love another as much as I love my boy? when will you decide it is time to come out and meet all of us?

Back to bed to try to get some sleep... wish me luck:)

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