Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

First Day of School...

...Went well! There were a few tears when I left but I hung around and peeked in and he was fine after a couple of minutes. His teacher, Ms. Osborne, said he did really well with a few sad moments asking for me throughout the day. I peeked in when I picked him up and he was playing with a fire truck and looked like he was having fun with the other boys in the class. He told me about his day on the car ride home and was singing a new song he learned today.

The time he was at school was the longest 4 hours of my life. I was counting down the minutes until I could go get him. I know each day will get easier and more routine for all of us!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Meet the teacher at school today went well. Sam got right in there playing with all of the toys and exploring the room. They had a good selection of cars and trains so he was happy. He loves to color/paint and went straight for the easel. After about an hour he had enough and asked me if we could leave. He seemed a bit overwhelmed and started to cry on the way out to the car. We took him out to lunch at Chick fil A and all was well.

The good: I loved his teacher. She is so kind and nuturing.

The bad: I don't think I can leave him.

Well, tomorrow I won't have to. School is closed in our county because of the storm (Fay) coming our way.

I am not so secretly relieved I don't have to think about leaving him until next week!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Some Pictures

I bought my new camera yesterday!

Friday, August 15, 2008


Sam starts his 2 year old program this Monday. He will be going Monday's and Tuesday's from 9-1. Monday is meet the teacher from 10-11. Russ has taken the morning off to go with us. I am so nervous. Two has been such an interesting age so far as demonstrated at our 2 year old check-up. I am not sure how he will react on Tuesday when I leave.

We have talked about school and watched the episodes when Caillou is at school over and over. Sam loves Caillou. If I start to talk about school he will grab his lunchbox and begin to fill it with juice boxes and snacks. Then he grabs his backpack and heads to the door saying: ice (outside) cool (school) car. I think he gets it. My dad suggested I drive there but that didn't work because Sam dumped a cup of ice tea on my seat that was sitting in my car from earlier today. Another case of the two's!

I will be sure to take tons of pictures on his first day.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


*To see a few of our photos from our session with Amy Smith click here.

I have been thinking a lot recently about how becoming a mother and now a mother of two has changed me. I have fallen so quickly into the pattern of never doing anything for myself. I know that I am not alone- most of my mother friends do the same.

I also acknowledge I impose this on myself. Russ encourages me to get out of the house and do some things I enjoy solo. I then realize I am not even sure what that would be anymore. I do treat myself to a monthly pedicure and I even feel guilty about that. It feels so extravagant. If I do venture out to meet a friend oh, once every six months, it is a lot of work. I have to leave my detailed, step by step instructions for Russ. My time out is filled with phone calls from home with questions about the instructions. No complaints- Russ does an amazing job but I don't feel totally relaxed and end up feeling like I never should have left.

I know this will get less and less as Harper gets older. When I get home I realize all of the things I should have been home doing are not done and I feel stressed. Maybe this is why I don't do it very often.

A few months back I had some amazing photographs done by a local photographer Amy Smith. She is so talented and the pictures were amazing and *beautiful. I was inspired by her work to take better pictures of our children. Our point and shoot digital camera isn't cutting it. I have been hemming and hawing about buying a nice Nikon SLR camera. It is more money than I am comfortable spending on myself. Oh, that brings up another point. I never, ever spend much money on myself which is a huge change from my pre-kid days. Now I spend it on them which is so much more fun! Well, I have finally decided to go ahead and buy it.

I also signed up for a workshop at a local art school specific to my camera. The time and energy put in to leaving the house to do something I will enjoy will be worth it. Perfect- I have found away to combine leaving the house and benefiting our family by capturing wonderful memories that the kids will have for years to come.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Sick Two Year Old

We can go from this...

...To this in two seconds flat

Want to come over?!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Two Sick Kids

So, no new pictures to post unless you want to see lots of runny noses and tears. Sam came down with a cold Sunday and he gave it to Harper. I was freaking out that my 3 month old had caught it but the doctor's office assured me she would be fine. At two months newborns get a rotovirus shot that should prevent her from getting really sick. It doesn't matter... I am still really worried. Not much sleep going on around here. I am up checking on both of them quite a bit. Hopefully we will be back in business by the end of the week with lots of new pictures to post.