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Sam: Mommy, do big boys cry?

Me: Of course they do honey.

Sam: I am a big boy now but I cry sometimes. I am 'fraid of the dark.

Me: I know... I promise nothing will hurt you but it's ok to cry.

Sam: Mommy, I still need you.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

1st Shoes

Boy we have been busy! This past weekend we went to Stride Rite to get Harper's foot measured and her 1st pair of shoes. She sat like such a big girl and stuck her foot right out when it was time to try them on. She really adjusted quickly to walking in them and now brings them to us all the time to put on her. We also had Sams' foot measured and I was shocked at how much it had grown since the last time. He got to pick out shoes from the "big boy wall" this time!

Harper also started saying a new word... No! Oh boy, that's my favorite. Gee, I wonder if she picked it up from Sam?! It is so cute- you have to hear it but it is very drawn out.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Sam

My sweet, sweet boy. I cannot believe you are 3 years old today. I can remember the details of the day you were born like it was yesterday. They are etched deep in my memory... forever I hope. I have spent most of today watching you and trying to grasp how that little baby boy we brought home three years ago has grown so quickly into my boy.

You are so kind and caring. My days are filled with, "Mommy you are so pretty, Mommy I love you so much". Your relationship with Harper is effortless. You are protective and are always watching out for her- exactly like a big brother should. The two of you spend so much time giggling and playing and you have always shown her the way. You love to dance and sing. You love to talk and are full of so many questions trying to make sense of this world around you. Your thoughts and words surprise me every day.

You love to play with your tools and still love your cars and trucks. You are a big fan of Spiderman and told me the other day your middle name was Spiderman- in case I didn't know! You make friends so easily at school and play so well. You love to play baseball and soccer out back with Dad.

Your independence grows every day but you are still my sweet baby boy. Many days you want me to carry you into school if you are feeling cautious or apprehensive. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle before bed and every night you lay your head on my shoulder and want me to sing to you before sleep. I am so lucky to be your mother and spend my days with you.

3 Years Today

July 20, 2006




Sunday, July 19, 2009

Birthday Take One!

We had a small little get together at the house today to celebrate Sam's birthday. I am too tired to write more than that so I will leave you with pictures!!

Harper was in love with our nanny Danielle's husband Kyle!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Walking girl!

Walking girl!, originally uploaded by Sam&Harper.

I finally took some video! Enjoy...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


...That is what I am, according to the doctor this morning.

I haven't been feeling the greatest the past couple weeks. I have been suffering from sinus headaches, nausea, dizziness and the last straw when my hair started falling out and I was really tired. I had blood work done Saturday with my follow up today.

Overall everything looked really good. That is a relief because for the past four days I will admit to letting my imagination get away from me and I was thinking the worst.

My calcium levels/Vitamin D are low from having two children close in age and nursing and that accounts for the hair loss. My B12 is low and that is the fatigue. My sinuses are so inflamed he said he doesn't know how I am breathing. Cue the dizziness and nausea from the sinus/allergy problems. That's the short of it. There were a few other things but I won't bore you with the long of it.

He looked at me and asked why I had waited so long to come in. My answer- too busy. I am too busy to take care of myself. Ouch.

And then he said what I know deep down- you are no good to anyone if you do not take care of yourself.

It was the first time I had seen this doctor and I loved him. He said the hardest job in the world is being a mother. You give and give and put everyone's needs before yours. He said I know you don't have two children but you really have three HA! He made me promise I would actively begin to take more time for myself and take care of myself. I told him I would.

Wait, did I just possibly stumble across a man who understood what it is like to be a working mother? I wanted to hug him.

So from today on I am remembering to take care of me- along with everyone else!

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I let my dad take some snapshots of all of us today since I seem to always be behind the camera these days. He captured a few good ones with all of us looking at the camera but I preferred this one. I love the genuine smile Sam has on his face with Russ whispering something to him. That is a perfect capture of my boy who seems to be running from my camera most days.