Monday, July 20, 2009

My Sam

My sweet, sweet boy. I cannot believe you are 3 years old today. I can remember the details of the day you were born like it was yesterday. They are etched deep in my memory... forever I hope. I have spent most of today watching you and trying to grasp how that little baby boy we brought home three years ago has grown so quickly into my boy.

You are so kind and caring. My days are filled with, "Mommy you are so pretty, Mommy I love you so much". Your relationship with Harper is effortless. You are protective and are always watching out for her- exactly like a big brother should. The two of you spend so much time giggling and playing and you have always shown her the way. You love to dance and sing. You love to talk and are full of so many questions trying to make sense of this world around you. Your thoughts and words surprise me every day.

You love to play with your tools and still love your cars and trucks. You are a big fan of Spiderman and told me the other day your middle name was Spiderman- in case I didn't know! You make friends so easily at school and play so well. You love to play baseball and soccer out back with Dad.

Your independence grows every day but you are still my sweet baby boy. Many days you want me to carry you into school if you are feeling cautious or apprehensive. You love to sit on my lap and snuggle before bed and every night you lay your head on my shoulder and want me to sing to you before sleep. I am so lucky to be your mother and spend my days with you.


levon said...

This brought tears to my eyes-your family is so blessed to have you at the lead!

Amy said...

Whaaaaaaaaa!!! I need to redo my makeup before work! I am so excited for my mother/son relationship. Thanks for showing me the ropes!