Friday, August 15, 2008


Sam starts his 2 year old program this Monday. He will be going Monday's and Tuesday's from 9-1. Monday is meet the teacher from 10-11. Russ has taken the morning off to go with us. I am so nervous. Two has been such an interesting age so far as demonstrated at our 2 year old check-up. I am not sure how he will react on Tuesday when I leave.

We have talked about school and watched the episodes when Caillou is at school over and over. Sam loves Caillou. If I start to talk about school he will grab his lunchbox and begin to fill it with juice boxes and snacks. Then he grabs his backpack and heads to the door saying: ice (outside) cool (school) car. I think he gets it. My dad suggested I drive there but that didn't work because Sam dumped a cup of ice tea on my seat that was sitting in my car from earlier today. Another case of the two's!

I will be sure to take tons of pictures on his first day.

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