Monday, August 18, 2008

Meet the Teacher

Meet the teacher at school today went well. Sam got right in there playing with all of the toys and exploring the room. They had a good selection of cars and trains so he was happy. He loves to color/paint and went straight for the easel. After about an hour he had enough and asked me if we could leave. He seemed a bit overwhelmed and started to cry on the way out to the car. We took him out to lunch at Chick fil A and all was well.

The good: I loved his teacher. She is so kind and nuturing.

The bad: I don't think I can leave him.

Well, tomorrow I won't have to. School is closed in our county because of the storm (Fay) coming our way.

I am not so secretly relieved I don't have to think about leaving him until next week!


Woodard Gang said...

You are so funny! It was actually harder on me for T.J. to start school. I am guessing partly is b/c boys are more clingy to their mommas and he was my last! Enjoy your hurricane break and I will say a little prayer for you next week :o) You will do great!!

Jo said...

i found it so hard to leave my kiddos the first few hard. but it got better, and then it got easier...

Sam said...

Thanks guys for the words of encouragement:)

Sam is such a momma's boy so I know that has a lot to do with it. I know he will end up loving it and will be fine.

I keep telling myself that over and over again!

Amanda said...

So hard. Bri starts on the 4th, gasp.