Friday, May 16, 2008

Doctor Visits

Harper had her 1st check up at the pediatrician which went well. As all parents know, your baby is perfect are the sweetest words to hear. She has already regained her birth weight, which newborns usually do by 2 weeks. She is a great breastfeeder and loves to snuggle with mama.

Sam is still doing great and helping us every step of the way. He loves to read to her and show her his cars, fire truck and puzzle pieces. We are lucky he seems to be adjusting well so far. That had been a fear of mine having number two.

Last night I came down with a temperature/chills and flu-like symptoms. A quick trip to the ob and I have mastitis. OW! I started my antiobiotics so hopefully I will be feeling better soon. I called in the troops today and my mom came over to help Russ when I was gone. She also did all my laundry- thanks mom. What would I do without you?!

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