Sunday, April 27, 2008

Yard Work

We have spent most of the weekend out in our yard. We had some new sod put down, bought some new plants and re-arranged our patio. Russ had a great idea to nail hooks into the fence to hang some of Sams' toys on to get them off the new grass. I am all about organization and I love it when he has a great idea like that.

Of course Sam was right in the middle of all our work helping out. He loves to water the plants and help Russ pot the plants. He also loves to dig in the dirt and rub it in his hair, on his chest and put piles of it all over the yard!

I have felt great this weekend and had a lot of energy. I am much better organized since my scare the other night. The next time I start with those contraction I won't be running around wondering where the camera is. I am ready to go:)

Notice the toys hung up on the fence in the background...

Enlarge to see Sam covered in a fine layer of dirt...

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Stellaandthomas said...

Looks like Sam was having so much fun! I love the looks great.