Saturday, April 12, 2008

Splash Pad

We were planning on going to Sea World today but decided it would be too much for me. Between being big and slow the temperature was forecasted to reach near 90 degrees- not ideal for someone 9 months pregnant. We have a membership at our local zoo and decided to take Sam to the splash pad there. He also fed some animals and rode the train with Russ. He had a great time.

It is interesting to catch glimpses of yourself in your child. I caught a glimpse of myself in Sam today. I could relate to his hestitation so well. Russ was trying so hard to make him feel comfortable in the water but I knew what he needed. He needed to sit on my lap and take it all in. I knew when he was ready, not a second before, he would get down and start to play.

Sam made a new friend...

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