Saturday, April 12, 2008

4 AM Blogging: Part II

I guess this can become a regular column here at Life with Sam until I deliver and then when I am up with our newborn. We are all doing well after a crazy week with work related stuff with me. It took a toll on me and I feel a little burned out from the old work grind. I am ready to bow out of work in the next few weeks and be mom full time. That is what I really love- it feels so natural. I remember really enjoying being at home with Sam after the initial fog of sleppless nights lifted. I can called my friend Amy when I was off and telling her I think being at home with my child is where I should be. I started cooking great meals and started to think about scrapbooking or doing something crafty- but then I went back to work and that all changed. I was surprised at how given the opportunity I was pretty domestic. Going back and leaving Sam was so hard.

Today we have Amy's twins' birthday party at a place that is full of bounce houses. I think Sam will love it. He has just started jumping and loves to bounce on our bed and in his crib. This sounds right up his alley. Her twins are turning 4 which is unbelievable. I remember each of their birthday parties like they were yesterday.

Below is a picture of Sam with my Uncle Rich from Rochester,NY. My aunt and uncle brought Sam a ton of cars and trucks which he loves...

Off to organize something:)

36 weeks today... 4 weeks to go.

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Swistle said...

AAAaAAAaaaa, 36 weeks! That is practically DONE!