Saturday, September 1, 2007

Worry Wart

Sam has been sick the past couple of days but today he seemed to feel much better. He had a bit of a cold and his sleeping had been off but today he seems back to normal. I never anticipated the worry that comes along with having a child. I sometime feel as if I am saddled with irrational fears. Here is a conversation last night in bed at 11 o'clock:

Erin: Do you ever worry someone is going to come into our house and take Sam out of his crib?
Russ: (silence)
Erin: You think I am crazy, don't you?
Russ: No, but I do worry about him getting sick.
Erin: Sick? What do you mean sick?
Russ: Never mind.

I made a mental note to add to add that to my list of worries.

I have discussed this with other moms and I know I am not alone. I try not to let it consume me and take away from the joy of mothering Sam:)After I had Sam I called my mom and told her I now understood why she worried about me so much growing up and still to this day. I think she appreciated the call!

Here are some pictures of Sam in an outfit outfit Russ bought for him with his new sneakers...

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Jenny said...

I, too, am struck with irrational fears and I have had that very same conversation with my husband--nearly word for word. I imagine it's just part of motherhood.