Wednesday, September 5, 2007

For a good laugh...

I have had a few requests from blog readers (aka family and friends) for me to post the video of Sam laughing at his water table. I guess this could be considered "vintage video". He still thinks it is hysterical to be squirted in the face with water and laughs with such gusto daily.


Amanda said...

That laugh! That tooth (or teeth?)!

This was delicious and I genuinely laughed out loud.
Our girls have elicited the adult version of that laugh from passers-by as they have used the same water table as a swimming pool, which is actaully more of a glorified butt wetting station.

Kids & water!

Woodard Gang said...

What an adorable video! I love his laugh...I was laughing outloud with Sam! Isn't is amazing what gets them going? Thanks for the link to your site. I added you guys on my page.