Sunday, September 23, 2007

Some Man Time

Sunday mornings I go off to work for a bit and it gives Russ a chance to spend some time alone with Sam. Today they went down to the park not far from our house. They made friends with a dog which would not have happened had I been there. I am still trying to learn that "daddy's way" is not always wrong... just different. When pressed Russ promised me the owner said the dog lives with a 15 month old and was very friendly and that is why he was in the park around children. I tend to be much more cautious around strange dogs. I think in that first picture the dog is rearing his head back to take a big bite out of Sams' face. Oh, there I go with my irrational fears again!

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Stellaandthomas said...

That first picture is making me laugh....look into the dogs eyes. He does look slightly crazed:-)