Sunday, September 16, 2007

Steve the Cat

I am a cat lover which means our house is full of cats. I have rescued cats over the years in our neighborhood and now we are down to 5. At one time we were up to 7! As most of you know we lost Milton this past May. He was a very special animal and we were fortunate he found his way into our lives. He had a rough time in the four short years he was with us but he did have a good home which he took full advantage of! I still miss him daily.

Russ is so tolerant because he is 100% a dog lover. I think the only thing that saves me is Steve. Steve is a dog. He waits at the door for us and is super friendly... always in the way and in the center of the action. Most of the cats hide from Sam especially now that he is up and walking. Not Steve. He follows Sam around and is EXTREMELY tolerant of what I will call "rough petting". We are working on teaching Sam "nice hands" but he doesn't quite grasp it yet:)Here is an example of Sam playing with Steve...

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