Thursday, July 3, 2008

8 Weeks Today


Eight weeks ago today was our first day together. My little baby who was so active kicking and hiccuping during the day I finally got to meet. I miss your movement and will awaken in the night thinking I am still pregnant with you for a second. I really thought you were going to be a boy so you were a wonderful surprise...along with your full head of dark hair. I still can't believe I had a girl. After Sam I just assumed I would have another boy and began to picture myself as a mom of two boys.

The past two months have been amazing. You have changed so much already. You are smiling and "talking" to us all of the time. As long as you are fed and changed you are so content. You are sweet and calm and a lot more passive than your brother. You love your bouncy seat and smile constantly at the toys. You sleep on your side and put yourself to sleep so easily sucking on your thumb. You love to be held and you are so content snuggling with me. If you are crying you immediately stop as soon as you hear my vioce and I pick you up. You are so tolerant of your brother and always give him a huge smile. He loves to talk to you and he tries to play ball with you. He is waiting for his sister to grow up a bit so you guys can play together!

My favorite time with you is your last feeding when your brother and dad have gone to bed. I feed you in our glider and you are so happy- ready to give me one of your crooked smiles and have a conversation with me. Some nights you are not interested at all in eating and are ready to talk. We talk about all the fun times we will have together and all of the things I want to teach you and show you.

I am amazed how complete our family feels. I feel like I have known you forever and don't remember our family without you. I love you both so deeply... you are the heart and soul of my life.


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