Sunday, July 20, 2008

2 Years Today

I was in labor with you two years ago today. Labor that came on hard and fast once my water broke 3 days past your due date. At 3:05pm you were born, and in that moment my life was redefined. My first born son, Sam. You will always be the one who ushered me into this wonderful journey of motherhood. I was unprepared for the deep love I would feel for you. I had never felt anything close to it before.

You are kind and gentle and steady. You take every moment of every day in with such joy. You are so silly and your laugh is contagious. Your love for trucks and cars runs deep. You adore your baby sister and are protective and gentle with her always. You are all heart, and your feelings get hurt easily. You give kisses out generously. I am lucky to spend my days with you laughing and playing the hours away.

I have spent some time this morning looking at old pictures of you. I can't believe how big you are and how fast the time has gone. There is not a trace of any baby fat left- you are long and lean and such a big boy. It makes me feel sad and sentimental that you are so big and the time has gone by so quickly. I will enjoy every moment and remember it all.

Happy Birthday my boy. My love for you runs deep.

July 20, 2006

July 20,2007

July 20, 2008


Anonymous said...

Sweet!! Happy Birthday, Sam!

4funboys said...

what a sweet post!