Thursday, June 5, 2008

Old Friends

Mandy and I became friends in high school. The funny part of the story is when I first met her I said she looked like she would beat me up. Well, she never did and I can't think of a closer friend I have had through the years. I could fill pages and pages with memories we shared. We have been there for each other during so many stages of our lives.

I remember when she went out of state to college... I think I knew she would meet someone, fall in love and have children and never be back in Florida. Well, that happened and now she has 5 adorable kids with her husband Brian who she met in college. Since her parents moved I don't get to see her as much but we always keep in touch on the phone. How thankful I am to have a friend like her in my life.

With her busy life (I did say 5 kids) she found the time to send Harper a gift. She picked out an outfit that is exactly what I would have picked out. I love, love, love it and can't wait to put my baby girl in it. We really do still know each other so well.

Check out the ruffled sleeves and pants- too cute!


mandy said...

Absolutely the same sentiment! I do think it is a rare gift to have a lifelong friend and I am thankful for my friendship with you! I can't wait to see Harper in her outfit.

Woodard Gang said...

and I was with her when she picked it out :o) she even said...this is what erin would like! don't ya just love special friends!! They are truly a gift...