Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cabbage Patch

Every since Harper came home Sam has been desperate to take care of her. He wants to hold her, feed her, change her and rock her. He really gets in there and wants me out of the way. My mom has had the week off to help me out and she had a great idea yesterday. She saved my two Cabbage Patch kids- Blaine and Hazel- and brought Blaine over for Sam today. Now he has his own "ba ba" and he has been carrying him around all day... even to our music class. When I change Harper he pulls up right next to us to change his baby- perfect.

Sam has been very attentive to his "ba ba" today and has only dropped him on his head about 25 times!

Thankfully Russ doesn't care at all that his son is carrying around a "baby doll".


Wendy said...

That post brought back a flood of memories! I remembered both of your dolls and their names. Remember mine?? Amber Dorothy. Our mom's stood out in the snow for hours to get those for us. Now that we are mom's, we can really appreciate the things they did to make us happy.

Sam said...

I do remember Amber Dorothy! They waited outside Gold Circle early in the morning in the snow...right?! We would totally do the same for our kids now:)

Blaine Nevil
Hazel Tania

I will never forget their names. I will have to give Harper Hazel to play with!

Woodard Gang said...

How adorable! My mom saved mine and Mandy's dolls too...Morgan has mine!