Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Old Friends

Last night I had dinner with two girlfriends I have known forever. My friend Amy I have known since middle school and she recently got back in touch with another friend Emily. We all met and gossiped and had a good time. It is nice how easily you can fall back into good conversation after so many years. We were commenting how high school seems like yesterday some days and others it feels a million years ago. Amy and I have been in touch through the years- sometimes a year would go by with no contact- but recently are more involved in each others lives. The birth of Sam and her recent wedding have brought us back in contact with more frequency. There is something so familiar and comfortable when time is spent with an old friend.
So, I do get out once and awhile but I am usually the one to do the whole bedtime routine and put Sam down. Russ was in charge last night and it was an interesting evening. He took Sam out to dinner- brave man to attempt it solo- and then put Sam to bed in his clothes. Last time I checked Russ does not sleep in his clothes he wore to work all day. I mentioned this to Russ and he acted like it was the norm. Russ, let me introduce you to pajamas! I guess some things I will never understand:)
Here is a picture of us out last night. We all laughed and laughed because I stayed seated which made me look like I was in a wheelchair?! Pregnancy is tiring but no worries...I can still walk!


Amy said...

What a nice blog!! Love you! It all started with a little Bon Jovi! And as for the pajamas (or lack there of) . . . sometimes I go to bed in my clothes, but I am usually drunk. This can't be good! ;) I am looking forward to the park! Talk to you soon.

Jenn said...

Awwww, thanks so much for sharing the picture! What a fun night you had!

I also sleep in my clothes sometimes, for the same reason as Amy. If I wake up and my shoes are on I know it will be a bad day!

Sam said...

Ha Ha... Well I know Sam wasn't drunk but MAYBE Russ was. That would explain a lot of things he does:)

Blogversary said...

Thanks for linking to my blog!

Old friends are the best. I have friends from kindergarten I still talk too and it is like coming home when I meet up with them.

Amanda said...

Good for you for getting out. And hey, I've heard worse than going to sleep in your day clothes.

Loralee Choate said...

There is no replacement for lifelong friends. There is just something about them that fills a place in life like nothing else.