Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ok, Ok...

Let me explain some of the differences between this pregnancy and my first. I get asked the question everyday, "how far along are you?" Pause. 5 months? Luckily I work with a friend who is about 3 weeks behind me so I can ask her and figure it out. Let me put this in writing. Today I am exactly 24 weeks pregnant. Now when asked with Sam I would quickly respond, "24 weeks, one day, 4 hours and 34 seconds".

Difference number 2: diet choices. With Sam dessert may have consisted of fresh strawberries with a dab of whipped cream. It was all about healthy choices and planning out great nutritious meals. I mean, thinking back... I had all the time in the world, didn't I? What did I ever do with all of that time? Now with this pregnancy it has been Marble Slab sweet cream ice cream with strawberries.(If you have never had this you should try it- it is delicious). Whatever someone puts in front of me for a meal will do. At least I am trying with the strawberries mixed into my 5,000 calorie dessert.

A few people have asked to see a recent photo of my pregnant belly. Well, here it is. I will now post one every month until I deliver. At least I do know my due date... or do I? I have been told the 17th and then the 11th of May. My doctor promises he won't even mention the words induction or pitocin until after
the 17th. Sounds good to me!


Stella and Thomas said...

Can you imagine if you have a third??

Swistle said...

Ha ha! With my last pregnancy, I finally had to write the weeks on the calender: I started by writing "40" on my due date, and worked back from there. Otherwise I couldn't keep track.

You look great!