Wednesday, January 2, 2008

"Hard Freeze"

The local weather keeps talking about the hard freeze expected tonight which makes me very worried for the handful of "wild" outdoor cats I feed and I guess are ours by now. I have laid blankets and boxes out back for them and hopefully it will provide them enough warmth and shelter.

I think are indoor cats are thankful they are prisoners in our home tonight. Steve the cat looks very happy to be inside where it is warm:

I convinced Russ to take Sam out in the cold because it rarely gets this cold here and I thought it would be a great new experience for Sam (Although I was not willing to brave it out there!) The ever so dramatic local news keeps reminding us it has been five years since our last freeze. This is BIG news! Sam ran to the end of our street saying "BRR" all the way. You can tell he is a Florida boy:)

And lastly one more picture of our little man. He wakes up every morning ready to dance and laugh and enjoy every moment we share together. How lucky I am to be his mother and spend my days with him.

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Stella and Thomas said...

Hahaha! Stevie!! I love it!

Such the life...Can you imagine that the news casters have to tell people to bring their pets inside????