Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sam Loves to Help me Clean

A couple of weeks ago we noticed Sam wiping up spills and cleaning the windows. Great... I knew someone would help me with housework one day (sorry Russ!). I bought him a toddler sized "housekeeping set" which he can't put down. He carries the broom around and sweeps all day. The other day he dropped some crackers and went straight for the broom to clean it up. This morning he wouldn't let go of the broom when he was eating breakfast. He held that broom for 25 minutes while he enjoyed his food.


Stella and Thomas said...

His hair is soooo blond!!


P.S. How much does he charge? He may be cheaper than the cleaning people I have. Does he fold laundry too??

Sam said...

I know... I always imagined our child with dark hair. Russ and I were just discussing we both had really light hair as children so I guess it makes sense!

We are still working on folding the laundry:)