Sunday, October 21, 2007

Body Parts

I get those Babycenter e-mails once a week discussing your childs' development with a few milestones they should be hitting. Milestone #2: Your child should be able to identify one body part when asked.
Yesterday morning Sam was in the bath and I happened to mention the word "penis". Not sure why, but I did. Sam stopped what he was doing, took his finger and pointed right at his penis. That isn't even one of the body parts we have been teaching him yet!
This will be a great story to tell him later...
Russ is so proud.


Stellaandthomas said... cute! Just wait....Russ will take Sam to the bathroom at a very busy place and he will share with everyone....Daddy has a penis.

I want more pics too!! I need to see baby sam.

Amanda said...

Hmm, I need to work on this. The other morning Sean was making, ahem, an adjustment, Briar said, "Daddy, you can't touch your banana. It's not nice."

Candace said...

that's impressive! My Sam loves his but he can't put the face with the name yet!!!