Tuesday, June 30, 2009


There are moments and minutes of my days that my love for our children is so overwhelming it takes my breathe away.

Today was one of those days.

I was able to hang out with Sam at school for a bit at the end of his day. He was so proud to have me there and have me join in for a silly song. His enthusiasm and joy was so evident. I enjoyed every second of watching and participating in his class. His teacher has told me numerous times he is "a boy with a huge heart" and shared a story about a classmate of his who fell out of her chair today. Sam ran right over to make sure she wasn't hurt and helped her up. He kept checking on her after it happened to make sure she was alright. He is so protective and caring towards Harper at home so I know exactly what she was describing to me.

When we left we were caught in the rain with no umbrella. I carried Sam to the car and we were laughing the entire way. We sat in the car drying off a bit and Sam told me he likes school but misses me during the day so much. Oh my boy just melts my heart.

Harper is teetering around the house still unsteady on her feet but so very proud of herself. She is a sweet and very determined little girl. She loves her brother and greets him every morning with such happiness. The two of them have so much fun together and the house is filled with silliness and laughter which I love.

I am in a good place with mothering two children. I am really enjoying the small things and taking it all in. I feel myself slowing down and juggling everything better. I ask for more help. I take it a bit easier on myself if I don't get everything done. It can all wait. I am trying to be more in the moment with the kids. So far I am succeeding.

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