Thursday, May 7, 2009


I have been interested in photography for quite some time and recently took a class at Creadle to brush up and learn how to use our Nikon D90. The last time I dabbled in photography it was not with a digital SLR so I had a bit to learn. I love our D90 and have taken so many great pictures of the kids. The next thing I wanted to learn was how to use Photoshop. I found and amazing photographer who has a blog and does training over the phone as I watch a video of her using photoshop on her computer. I was sold instantly. I don't even have to leave our house to learn! I had my first workshop on Tuesday and I learned so much in the short hour. I have another training tonight. I wanted to show off what I had learned.

Can you see the difference in these two photos?!


Amy said...

Yes! Sam doesn't look as hot! Looks great. Now you can take pics of me and make my skin perfect and make me skinny!!

Sam and Harper said...

Eventually I will be able to! My mom wants to know when I can photoshop her wrinkles away- soon- very soon!!