Thursday, May 7, 2009


Russ and I were just sitting here reminiscing about this night one year ago today. I had headed up to bed early after an evening of just not feeling "right". I was awoken at 2:30 am by our baby with some pretty significant contractions that grew stronger and closer together quickly. I labored in our bed and we kept track of the contractions and eventually called our doula and my parents. We finally headed to the hospital at 6 am.

It is amazing the detail we can recall from this night into tomorrow. Such a life changing day is etched so deeply in your memory. Tomorrow we will enjoy the day as a family together celebrating our baby girl's 1st birthday. Sam is so excited to sing to her! He has been practicing for weeks. We are all looking forward to the day together.


Amy said...

Awww!!! Happy Birthday, Harper! I can't believe it has been a year. I can't wait to hear about the photoshoot. Can you take some pre- or post- pics with your camera?!

Sam and Harper said...

Yes, if I can get us all dressed and ready in time I will do some pre shots of us:) The photoshoot is fun but I am always glad to have it behind us. It is tough to get the little ones to cooperate sometimes!