Saturday, February 21, 2009

First Word

Things have been so busy around here between relatives visiting (FUN) and lots of sickness (NOT FUN) I forgot to blog about Harper's big milestone.

Sam uttered his first word a week before his first birthday. We were sitting on the couch, Sam on my lap, and my dad walked by and Sam looked right at him and said "pa pa". If you know anything about the relationship my father and Sam have it makes perfect sense that was his first word.

Harper had her 9 month check up on February 12th. We were sitting in the waiting room and she dropped the toy I had given her to play with. Clear as day she looked down and said, "ut oh". Huh? I thought maybe it was a coincidence. I handed her the toy again, which she immediately dropped and said it again. So ...that is her first word!

Sam was so excited to hear her say it. He has been waiting and waiting for her to talk. Now he tells everyone, "ba ba is talking!" Oh, Sam still calls Harper ba ba- short for baby which was all he could say when we first brought her home. In fact, we all refer to her as ba ba still to this day... I wonder how long it will stick!

Her check up went well and I could tell the doctor she had just said her first word- in the waiting room!

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