Friday, July 20, 2007

Sam is 1...

Happy Birthday my baby boy!
Today was a busy but good day. Sam is standing on his own for the first time today. It is just like Sam to do that on his birthday. As I watch him I am filled with such a mix of emotions I think are unique to motherhood. I am filled with a mixture of happiness and sadness... tears welling in my eyes as we all clap. I think every mother who reads this will relate. What a great year we have had. How unprepared I was for the love I feel for him and how natural being a mother would feel. How it feels like yesterday he lay on my chest as a newborn unable to hold his head up. He is now so capable, so full of life and generous with his love. I look forward to all the years we have ahead of us.
I will post pictures and video from his party tomorrow. We wish our cousin Jake could be here to celebrate with us:)

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