Friday, September 10, 2010


I decided I'm not picking my camera up today but instead taking the time to write a bit. I have loved my 365 project but it has taken up the time I use to write a bit about our lives... so today I write.

Sam and Harper are both adjusting so well to school. It was a rough couple weeks for Sam but he told me he couldn't wait to get to school today! I was nervous about him switching schools but I know we made the right decision. It feels great. I love this age. He is so much fun... and so silly. He is learning so much at school already. I enjoy our time together after school... he is my buddy.

Harper is... Two! I think we have entered the 'terrible twos"! She can be determined and strong willed and can test my patience some days. I struggle more parenting her than Sam. I get Sam. He is a lot like me and I see of much of myself in him. I get the how and why of his reactions. The good news is Russ gets Harper so it works well. She is fearless and silly and so smart. She amazes me every day.

I am starting to get busy with my photography with a steady stream of clients. I love it. My logo design is almost completed and then next will be designing a blog. I am so excited!

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