Tuesday, July 20, 2010

At Four

Four years ago you made me a mother. It changed me in ways I never anticipated and filled me with love like not any I had felt before. That day is etched so deeply in my memory.

I went through today remembering the details of your birth day so vividly it makes it impossible for me to believe it was four years ago. Our first night together feels like yesterday. You so tiny and new... me so unsure in my new role as your mother. I hope those memories of that day stay with me like that forever.

But time marches on... and seems to march a bit faster since I have become a mother. At four you are still my sweet boy. You are so kind and caring. You are a bit cautious and apprehensive at times. You are so silly. You love to dance. You love your sister with everything you have. You protect her and look out for her.

You are all heart. You can still get upset when I leave... and always tell me you missed me while I was gone. We are so close and have a connection most days I can't explain. My sweet, sweet boy. I love you Sam.

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