Saturday, November 8, 2008

6 Months Today

I can remember our first night together in the hospital like it was yesterday although it has already been 6 months. This past month I have seen enormous change in you again. I am more aware of it this time around then the first. You started sitting up with some assistance about 2 weeks ago and are getting better at this each day. You are on the move! You roll all over the place to get to things you want. I finally started you on cereal last week. You are less interested in this than your brother was but you are quickly catching on to eating from a spoon.

You have such determination. You are still so silly and very ticklish. You can be quiet as a mouse most of the time except for your squeals of delight. You love to be snuggled in your bed and you are still sleeping in your bassinette! You love to suck your thumb and hold onto a blanket.

I see glimpses of your growing bond with Sam in your gaze and laughter with him. He includes you in play now and loves when you are sitting up. He is kind and gentle with you and loves to tickle you.

My love for both of you is more than you will ever know. You feel like such an extension of me still. My favorite time with you is your last feeding before bed in your room lit now by the moon as I rock you. In one of our quieter moments of the day you and you always reach out for my face.

I love you baby girl.


mandy said...

She really looks so much like you!! I love the picture of her almost falling over in Russ's hands. It's such a great stage, I could do it all over again....what am I saying????

Sam said...

Yeah- I hear that quite a bit that she looks like me:)

I really love this stage. I was up at Babies R Us and was buying her 9month clothes and it made me sad. It goes so fast.

I say go for number 6!!