Friday, October 3, 2008


Fall is hands down my favorite time of year. Even though our temperatures are still in the mid to upper 80's here it is a reprieve from the summer 90's and it feels like fall to me. I just got back from Pier 1 and I picked out some great fall decorations. I am excited to put them up and I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving.

After much deliberation Sam decided on his Halloween costume. He had first decided on a lion- he crawls around the house roaring like a lion most evenings. The only problem was it was a very heavy costume. Try explaining to a 2 year old he would be too hot! He then spotted the firefighter and he was sold. Not original but he loves it. The costume came today and of course he had to try it on and was not ready to take it off... EVER!

Here is your sneak peek...

Now that, my friends, it a cute firefighter!!

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Danielle said...

He is a cute firefighter!