Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Big Spender

Ok, I will admit it. I tend to be more of a spender than a saver (My friend Amy is probably laughing out loud right now). Now since we have children I am more of a saver but I may have stumbled upon a problem. I went to a local baby boutique called Lulu Belle in Baldwin Park. They had the cutest most unique baby girl clothes I have ever seen. I went there to pick out a dress for Harper for our family photos we are having done for the holidays. I walked out with 4 more outfits and a dress. Russ asked me if they I had boy clothes. I'm not sure. I was too busy in the infant girl section.


I have been back twice because of course they put me on their e-mail list and they had a 30% off sale and I HAD TO GO.

I left with 5 more outfits.

I had always been secretly scared of being in charge of dressing a little girl if I had one. Picking out clothes for Sam is so easy- polo,shorts- out the door. With girls I had visions of matching horrors, barrettes, skirts, leggings, shoes, bows, braids ETC.

Boy was I wrong. I love it.


Danielle said...

Someday when I have a baby girl I am going to steal all of Harper's old clothes for her....

Sam said...

I will save them for you:)

Stella and Thomas said...

hahahahaha....that is me laughing. You are soooo much better than you used to be. I can't blame you either:-)